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Kimberly Hurd

Chief Patient & Outreach Director

James Hurd

Chief Pediatric Advisor

Riley Hurd

Marketing Intern

Kimberly is a Lompoc-native, graduated from Lompoc High School, and has degrees from UCSB in anthropology and in education. She currently works as a 1st-grade teacher at Manzanita Charter School here in town. Kimberly is a fan of lying facedown at the beach after digging a hole for her pregnant belly, enjoying her one cup of coffee per day, and is looking forward to being involved in the Lompoc community and facilitating education outside of the classroom. 



2010 - B.A. Music, Cal Poly SLO

2018 - Doctor of Chiropractic, cum laude, Palmer 


Palmer Adjusting Procedures

Toggle Recoil Upper Cervical

Blair Upper Cervical

Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical

Logan Basic Technique

Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)

SOT Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique

SOT Cranial Evaluation and Manipulation

Torque Release Technique

MC2 Technique

Functional Wellness and Hormonal Assessment

Clinical Nutrition

Sports Injury Evaluation and Management

Pediatric Examination and Diagnosis

Neuromusculoskeletal Examination and Diagnosis






Competitive Sports





The Beaches of Central California

Not Worrying About Mosquitos

Dr Morgan Hurd 

     Hello! I’m Dr. Morgan Hurd and I was born-and-raised right here in Lompoc. I attended Cabrillo High School and then went to study vocal performance and conducting at Cal Poly SLO. From playing baseball growing up, to water polo, swimming, tennis and wrestling in high school, and soccer and crossfit beyond, I was always putting stress into my body and going to my chiropractor was how I "put myself back together".

     I always had a chiropractor but I loved music, and chiropractic was never more than a "what-if". But once I saw my dog receive a chiropractic adjustment, I realized that there was something more to chiropractic that I hadn't experienced: effectiveness without any form of bias. I saw that Chiropractic works, no matter if you have four legs or two. 

     That amazing moment sparked a realization that throughout childhood, I primarily went to a chiropractor first for all of my problems and injuries. Not many children have that experience, and I wanted to share that vision of chiropractic-driven healthcare with my community. 

     I moved to Davenport, Iowa to get my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic, the first chiropractic college in the world. While I was at Palmer I spent my time working with the Pediatrics club as well as Sports Chiropractic Club, attending as many seminars and elective courses as possible, and working as an intern in the rehabilitation department where I was able to help the Palmer rugby teams recover and prepare for their seasons.  

     I did my clinical internship at the Palmer Clinic in Davenport (the largest chiropractic clinic in the world), where I had the wonderful opportunity to work directly under some of the top minds in upper cervical and sports chiropractic in, Dr Todd Hubbard DC, MS, CCSP, Dr Dave Juehring DC, DACRB, CCSP, CSCS, and Dr Ranier Pavlicek DC, DACRB, ATC, CSCS.

     Outside of the Palmer clinic, I played on the Palmer Soccer team, played disc golf, took our dogs on hikes, spent as much time as possible with Kim and James, grew vegetables, and took advantage of our Midwestern water supply and grew a thick, beautiful green lawn. 

     My ultimate lesson learned from Palmer was that by restoring proper structure within the body we can restore proper function, and with it, our body’s ability to heal.  And although it is dry here, I am very excited about returning home to raise my family, grow a drought-tolerant lawn and garden, and be a positive change for health in the Lompoc Valley. I look forward to being your family’s first step on the pathway of health!

James is two years old, and very interested in learning new words, reading about dinosaurs, riding in trucks, and driving through the airport looking for airplanes. He received his first adjustment when he was 2 weeks old, although he was checked at 3 days old (not needing one!) His first chiropractors helped his parents greatly, because he would always fall asleep after he would get an adjustment. 

Riley Rae is currently with us at Thrive Health on a 9 month internship. We plan on keeping her around on a full-time basis after she graduates from her development program in late November. Her current hobbies include kickboxing, acrobatics, and insomnia. 

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