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We believe that in order for our community to flourish in the right way, it is necessary to support our neighbors and drive our patients towards healthy businesses and local community partners so that our valley can Thrive! 


Our feet our amazing and are necessary for balance, movement, and proper neurological development. Don't strangle them with clunky shoes or high heels. Dr Hurd wears Xero's as often as possible. No kid sizes :(

Xero Shoes

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Darren and Caitlin Savella have built something very special right here in Lompoc. Physical fitness is a pillar of health and at Crossfit Ohana you can achieve your fitness goals rapidly. We recommend Ohana to anyone. 

Crossfit Ohana

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Dare 2 Dream.jpg

Nutrition doesn't start with supplements, it starts with eating a whole lot of organically grown vegetables. Dare 2 Dream Farms grows food the right way and is right here in the valley. Get a CSA today. 

Dare 2 Dream Farms

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The same reasons we love Xero shoes apply for Plae. They aren't perfect but they are the best waterproof-soled shoes we have seen for toddlers until they reach adult sizes. James wears Plae, but will graduate to Xero asap. 

Plae Shoes

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Healthy Lompoc Coalition.jpg

Get outside! Go for a walk and meet someone new! Healthy Lompoc Coalition is committed to eradicating obesity and inactivity in Lompoc. Check out their website for a bunch of local events and news.

Healthy Lompoc Coalition

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Planting a seed.jpg

Our neighbors in Lompoc are struggling and some have lost their homes. We want to help fix that. Planting A Seed is working to house people, and is providing needed support.

Planting A Seed

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Primarily, Robeez are what we should all still be wearing.  They're baby moccasins, but they allow great feedback for little brains to learn how to balance and walk. Not waterproof, so what, we're in a drought.

Robeez Shoes

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parks and rec.png

Go and PLAY! Go for a swim! Find a park near your house, or better yet, join a sports league and get competitive with your neighbors! Get involved and we can begin to make Lompoc a more active place to live!

Lompoc Parks and Rec

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Mystery key

Do you have a business or organization in the Lompoc valley that is helping build positive change? We want to feature you on our website and partner with you for future events! Please contact us through the info below.





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