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It is 2018, and we believe that it is time for financial transparency in healthcare.

In order for us to do our part , we have adopted a simple, straightforward, and affordable payment plan for you and your family. We do not "sell". We do not use scare tactics.  We don't push annual contracts. However we do believe that regular care is vital, and to help families afford regular care we provide discounts for families or individuals that wish to purchase care in "bulk". Think of us as if Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Costco had a baby; only with less lines on weekends. And less snacks. 

Do you accept my insurance? 

Thrive Health has currently elected to be a cash practice. We believe that patients have the right to choose healthcare for themselves, and should not have a third-party tell them what is "allowed". This means that patient health goals will not be set by insurance companies, but by patients themselves and the doctor they choose. We also believe that patients inherently value their own choices more so than ones made by someone else. When patients place a higher value in their care, satisfaction increases and ideal outcomes can be reached sooner. 

But I have insurance!

If you currently have an insurance plan that covers chiropractic-driven healthcare, great! We will provide you with any of the forms you need to submit to your insurance company in order to receive reimbursement.  

X-rays and advanced diagnostic imaging?

If patients require x-ray or other advanced diagnostic imaging, prices will be matched to either the facility prices for Life Chiropractic or to whatever outside imaging center we utilize for patient care. Due to the variety and nature of advanced diagnostic imaging, costs will be discussed, upfront, on a case-by-case basis. 


Our office visits include all treatments provided that day. You wont have to worry if "this will cost extra". Scheduled physicals and re-evaluations are billed as two office visits. 

Singe Visit Package

If you buy 10 single office visits it would cost $500, so why don't you buy a 10 visit package and with your savings go buy a new pair of boots to wear at South Side  while you enjoy a PSL.

10 Visit Package

If you buy 30 single office visits it would cost you $1500, so why don't you buy a 30 visit package and then with your savings go buy a month long membership for the Mission Club; carts not-included. 

30 Visit Package
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